the youtube secret to go from 0 - 100,000 subscribers in less than a year revealed 
How You Can Use "Video Breakthrough Academy" To Grow 100,000+ Subscribers And Have YouTube Start Paying You From As Little As 300 Subscribers.
Learn My Step-By-Step Methods to Radically Succeed on Youtube
Let me walk you step-by-step through the exact methods and strategies I've used to grow my channel from 0 to 100k+ subscribers using cutting-edge techniques that are proven to stand the test of time.
Dear Entrepreneur,
Go from zero to hero in your market and watch your bank account grow so FAST you’ll be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE financial freedom.

Grow your business and make money while in line at the grocery store, in the back of an UBER, and even when you’re stuck at the airport?

Stop CHASING financial freedom and have financial freedom practically BEGGING to work with you?

I have great news for you…

If you want to learn how to turn YouTube Subscribers into dollars while doing what you love then you’re in the right place.

The YouTube secret you’re going to discover today blows every other YouTube Growth System out of the water.

"Video Breakthrough Academy" gives you a step-by-step, practically done-for-you system to create a scalable & automated YouTube Business on the beach from your laptop. 
I used to be a broke loser..
In one point of my life, I was over $25k in debt. Drowning in debt, hitting rock-bottom, and feeling utterly desperate.. 

If you've been there or anywhere close, I know how it is. Looking for an escape, looking for a path to the life you want and know you deserve to live.  I was on Youtube for YEARS and saw little to no results..

I decided it was time to 'go rogue' 

Fast forward to today, I've finally cracked the YOUTUBE CODE, with over 102k+ subscribers and 11 million+ views across my channel.

VBA is for you if you are:
  •   Someone who wants to make money while being able to help and impact people.
  •  Someone who wants to grow their business and make money while in line at the grocery store, in the back of an UBER, and even when you’re stuck at the airport?
  •  Someone who wants to stop CHASING financial freedom and have financial freedom practically BEGGING to work with you?
  •  Someone who wants to make money while being able to help and impact people.
  •  Looking for ways to make money from home and go on to travel the world...
The YouTube Code Has Been Cracked.
Mark this day in your calendar... Because today is the day EVERYTHING in your life changes for good. 

Inside "Video Breakthrough Academy" you are going to learn how to:
  •  Fast Track your path to 100,000 Subscribers
  •  Automate your YouTube channel to pay you $100 - $10,000+ / Month while you sleep
  •  Use step-by-step, practically done-for-you viral techniques to make every video go viral
YouTube Secret Revealed 
This is a step-by-step, practically done-for-you video course where I take you under my wing and reveal, in a no-frills way, the powerful YouTube Secret that will take you from 0 to 100,000 subscribers in record time...

...And have YouTube pay you $100 - $10,000 / Month to put ads on your channel
(and that's just the beginning!)
1-on-1 Private Facebook Mentorship
 You'll get access to exclusive private mentorship -- that is, access to ME, personally. I'll literally take your hand and guide you along the way. 

Connect with other members and get REAL TIME feedback on your videos, channel, and business.

*This bonus is ONLY available with Video Breakthrough Academy. You CAN NOT buy access to this group any other way...
There's more...
 Viral Video Speaking Outlines
Drag and drop high-performing speaking outlines. These are the same outlines I used on a viral video that got over 1.3 million views...
  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
  • Icon: Change the icons in the settings
There's more...
 The Channel Teardown
Learn from real VBA students getting personal on-screen coaching feedback on their channel.
  • Learn exactly what makes a "good channel"
  •  See the exact mistakes others made; and avoid them!
  •  Get insight into what goes on behind the scenes
But wait, there's even MORE...
Bonus #1 - Backstage Studio ($997 Value)
Great videos, effortlessly
"Backstage Studio" is a terrific piece of software that will allow you to produce Hollywood-Style, Impactful Videos that will result in Substantially More Views, More Subscribers and more MONEY from your YouTube account.

Effortlessly Create High Impact Videos That People Will Love In Just 30 Minutes Per Day.
If you buy today, you also get for FREE:
  •  Vault Access: Steal my shortcuts & save hundreds of hours struggling with "tech stuff"
  •  Viral Video Writing: My Copy & Paste, practically Done-for-You Viral Video Writing scripts that will rank you high on any search keywords. 
  •  Pro Editing Masterclass: Cut your editing time down by 90% maintaining expert quality WITHOUT outsourcing
  •  Pro Video Thumbnail Templates: I show you my favorite drag & drop thumbnail templates. Create stunning images in seconds that make people click your videos, every time
  •  Pro Stock Footage: Make sure your videos stand out with upwards of $2,000 of curated royalty free stock footage I will provide you
  •  Pro Music Library: Control emotion in your videos. Access the same tracks I've used to get over 500k+ views
(Check out what one of my students thought about Backstage Studio)
Bonus #2 - Expert Interviews ($397 value)
Interviews from YouTubers already making $5,000+ / Month from YouTube.
Here, you'll have access to insightful, eye-opening interviews from hyper-successful online entrepreneurs and YouTube rockstars.

You'll discover methods and strategies that can't be found elsewhere... from highly-motivated entrepreneurs who are walking the walk...

...Including interviews with multiple six-figure YouTubers, Channels With over 1 MILLION Subscribers and MORE...! 
Bonus #3 - Lifetime Access to Updates ($997 value)
Lifetime Updates, Forever
Get lifetime access to all future updates and add on's... even after we triple the price!
  •  When the price triples, you won't pay a dime
  •  You get all new modules as they are added to the course
  •  Stay on top of trends that are working on YouTube TODAY by always being up to date
It Doesn't Stop Here...
Video Breakthrough Academy Works
It took me 3 years to break the YouTube Secret...

For you, it takes getting started today...

Get more views TODAY...

Get more subscribers TODAY...

Get YouTube to start paying you TODAY...
My most recent 50-Day Experiment MADE me OVER $4,000 from youtube and OVER 18,000 NEW subscribers...
102,500 Subscribers in 365 Days
Growth Hack your way to over 100,000 subscribers in 365 days

And have YouTube pay you a monthly retainer to put ads on your channel
NOTE: the following are REAL students of Video Breakthrough Academy. 
None of the following people were paid for their opinion.
Gavin 2018 Update
This is Gavin's channel now after using the VBA methods.. 
Over 60k+ NEW subs in UNDER 10 Months!!
Video Breakthrough Academy is the #1 YouTube training platform that will take you from 0 - 100,000 subscribers, and get more views and passive income coming into your pocket.
  •  Get step-by-step, practically done-for-you guidance on how to explode your channel
  •  Learn industry secrets that only the TOP YouTubers know of
  •  Fast-track your journey to YouTube Success by learning from an expert
10 Quick Start Modules ($1,770 value)
Contains over 14 hours of member-exclusive content to grow your channel. By the end of this, you will know EVERYTHING I know about what makes a successful YouTube channel. You have access to what some coaching clients have paid $500, $2,000, even $5,000 for.
Viral Video Outline
Quit wasting time writing your own videos...
Utilize my top performing outlines that have earned me over 8.3 Million views and over 150k+ subscribers.
($297 value)
Private Facebook Mentoring
Get real feedback and mastermind access.
Connect with other members and get REAL TIME feedback on your videos, channel, and business.
($1,997 value)
Live Channel Breakdown
See the process that goes behind coaching my students on their YouTube channel, allowing you to gain insight on what makes them successful
($397 value)
Backstage Studio
Produce Hollywood-Style, Impactful Videos that will result in Substantially MORE Views, MORE Subscribers and MORE money from your YouTube account.
($997 value)
Expert Interviews
You'll discover methods and strategies that can't be found elsewhere... from highly-motivated entrepreneurs who are walking the walk...
($397 value)
Lifetime Access to Updates
Get lifetime access to all future updates and add on's... even after we triple the price!

($997 value)
If you're ready to get thousands of subscribers, earn real, passive income, and grow your YouTube Channel on autopilot, it's time to take action and sign up for Video Breakthrough Academy. Become one of our student's life-changing success stories by enrolling below.
                                                          LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT
(Read more testimonials below)
Whether you're just starting out on YouTube or a seasoned player in the industry looking to grow and scale even further, Video Breakthrough Academy is for you.
  • Grow your channel by thousands of subscribers
  •  Monetize your channel to make money while you sleep
  •  Learn top-secret tips & tricks only industry leaders know
Who are you and why should I listen to you? 
For most things, you shouldn't :) But when it comes to youube I think I know what I'm talking about. Most people who give "how to" youtube advice have never actually built a real youtube channel - their only claim to fame is that they have studied youtube. I've done it. I built a thriving youtube community of over 200k subs from the ground up. I didn't cheat, or use scammy sales tactics to do it. I was just myself and studied what worked. I failed a lot and don't want you to have to go through the 3-year suck I had to trudge through. With Video Breakthrough Academy, you won't have to. You'll be able to tap into where I am right now and make videos that look identical to mine. Get excited!
YouTube is too competitive and it takes too much work and time to start a channel today?
Video fastest growing form of content year after year. It’s true that more people are using the platform, but that means MUCH more potential for your channel to explode. You will learn every method possible to stand out on a noisy platform and get noticed. You will also learn the best SEO tactics that get your videos discovered in search results. We cover it all.  
I've heard you can’t make money through YouTube unless you have millions of subscribers?
Wrong! You will learn backend monetization tactics that I used to 10x my monthly income. For example, If ad revenue is paying you $200/mo there is no reason why you couldn’t make $750 – $2,500+ per month using the monetization methods I’ll show you in this course. On an average month I will make around $10k-$30k and only $2k - $3k is from YouTube ad revenue. No promises here. It's all about how much action you take!
Can this work for experienced youtubers as well?
Absolutely! There's tons of advanced info inside. For example, module eight is all about how to market yourself off of youtube and maximize your profits. I find that 90% of channels I come across are terrible at this! They focus SO much on getting the biggest channel possible, that they neglect other income streams. They leave SO MUCH money on the table because they don't know what's inside this module. Don't be one of them! 
YouTube is always changing. How do I know this course is current and up to date?
This course is constantly updated and more content will be added over time. In fact, I literally just updated it for 2019. When you buy Video Breakthrough Academy you will also get access to the private Facebook Community group for short updates about YouTube changes. This is the best part. You get plugged into a network of youtube creators who you can network with and share what's working now. I'm also in the group. I like to keep a close eye on my students
I want to be the next big vlogger - how can I do that?
Uhhhhh... Vlogging its own game. We will touch on that in this course, but you already have the wrong mindset if you think you will become the next big vlogger overnight. Here’s why 99% of vlog channels never make it past 1,000 subscribers: You don’t get an audience by vlogging, you build an audience to vlog for. Since vlogs are not searchable and have a short shelf life, it’s rare that your true fans will discover you from “vlogs” — but they CAN discover you from videos you will learn how to make in this course. THEN when you have an army of raving subscribers, you can vlog for them and your vlogs will explode.

what if I buy your course and already know everything in there? Can’t I find everything on the internet already?
Then I don’t want your money! If you honestly feel there’s nothing new in this course or no additional value to be added to your channel, that’s fine! I only want to teach work with people who are driven. That’s why this course has a full 14-day action based money-back guarantee. Just show us that you completed the course and did the work within 14-days.  (I will mention here that previous courses I’ve taught have refund rate as low as 2% - just check out our raving student testimonial).
What happens if YouTube goes away after I put years of work into my channel?
In module eight we talk about specific ways to bring your audience onto any platform you choose. This means you will have an army of fans who will follow you to whatever platform you choose. You will also learn how to set up income streams non-dependent on YouTube so even IF YouTube goes away, your hard work still pays off.
I'm awful and nervous on camera. Can this course help me?
Absolutely! I even give you my word-for-word video outline templates. You can use these for ANY video in the future. These are the same outline scripts I've used on my most popular videos. One even got over 2M+ views in under a year. We also cover the 7 Ways to Feel Unstoppable On Camera, How to Speak So That People Listen, Editing Your Videos (If You're Super Awkward On Camera, Like I Was), and How to Grow A Wildly Successful YouTube Channel WITHOUT Even Showing Your Face! -- All that and more inside Video Breakthrough Academy!
Do I need to buy lots of expensive equipment 
Not really. Although later down the road I would recommend investing a couple hundred or so into decent gear. You can get started with what you already have! Chances are the camera on your phone is good enough! Heck, that's probably better than cameras 20 years ago that cost $5k+. It's not about the gear, it's what you do with it that counts. We cover all that in the course.
Will this help with channels like gaming, beauty, lifestyle, comedy, etc?
Yep. The principles we cover in Video Breakthrough Academy are universal. You'll learn everything from how to make your videos look killer, how to speak on camera so that people listen and watch, the best ways to monetize any channel regardless of niche, and much much more. 
I'm busy and don't have a lot of time to spend making videos...
Aren't we all! Look, i'm not going to lie to you. It will take some time to get good at making videos. But this can be a super fun process! Early on I found myself obsessed with learning how to YouTube. It was something I couldn't wait to work on. It was addicting! In other words, I didn't feel like I had to sacrifice my lifestyle or free time to make videos because the process of learning was so fun. I feel like  the excuse "i don't have time" is really saying "it's not a priority for me." Ultimately if you want to do this, you'll prioritize it!
If you're ready to get thousands of subscribers, earn real, passive income, and grow your YouTube Channel on autopilot, it's time to take action and sign up for Video Breakthrough Academy. Become one of our student's life-changing success stories by enrolling below.
*Eligibility for the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee is Contingent on Watching Less Than 40% of Course Material and Subject to Our Action Based Refund Policy Available in Our Terms of Service Below.

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